Friday, June 7, 2013

EdTech Solutions - Teaching Every Student: A Letter to my Teacher

I ran across this blog entry tonight and couldn't  help but think how timely it was for me.  Earlier this week I attended an Apple training on using iLife and OsX with students.  Today's learners are so much different from the student I was at their age.  Their desire and ability to use all things technological does change how they can interact with the curriculum.  While I try to employ those tech type aspects in my lessons I know I need to do more. I need to work at putting putting those tools in their hands and engage them in projects that go beyond pencils and paper, basic keyboarding and presentations to engage them in the world outside the four walls of our classroom.  I need to give my students the opportunities with technology can set them free and remove some of the obstacles they face, especially those who struggle.  I'd love to hear what some of you are doing to effectively use technology with your students.

EdTech Solutions - Teaching Every Student: A Letter to my Teacher: Dear Teacher, I want to learn I want to be independent, but Sometimes your curriculum is the disability. When you giv...

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