Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently...It's February!

WOW! I can't believe how fast the month of January flew by!  It felt like we spent very little time at school between the bitter cold/snow days.
It's that time again...time to link up with Farley over at Oh By Fourth Grade for her FABULOUS monthly linky.  Here's mine:
 Listening- the boys' video game- lots of shooting going on :(  Thank goodness they are getting along-it has been a rough week or so...too much time spent indoors and in each other's company.  
Loving- a full week of school.  While that may seem odd to some....we haven't had a full week of school since the week before Christmas.  Between the snow falling and bitter temperatures from not 1 but 2 polar vortex, we have missed 6 days of school.  Hopefully they are correct on the track of the latest snow storm and we'll only be getting 1-3 inches which we can handle. (Not that I want to, but it beats the 6-8 inches south of us.)
Thinking- we start IA Assessments on Wednesday, so I need to move things around to accommodate the testing block.  6 days of testing- SOOO not looking forward to it.  Crossing my fingers and toes that Mother Nature plays nice for while as we are already off schedule.
Wanting-  One of my teammates gave me season 1 of the TV series Downton Abby last week on one of our snow days.  Totally hooked me!  I've been frantically trying to cram seasons 1-4 in as season 5 is airing on TV right now.  Only 3 more episodes of season 4 to go then the 3 I've missed of the new season. LOVE IT!
Needing to get those animal reports corrected.  I hate checking writing! Enough said!!
Truths: Can't live without my Dr. Pepper. Most days its 2-3 cans.  Trying to cut back but so far am not finding the right motivation.  I am planning a trip to Ireland in 2015.  I have always wanted to go so am making it my 45th birthday present to myself.  FIB- Love winter-haha haha who does that?  This winter has provided me with plenty of valid reasons for why it is not my favorite!
Now it's your turn.  Head over to Farley's to check out what everyone is up to and link up yourself!

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